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Testosterone propionate


Injectable Testosterone Propionate


100mg X 10ml


Buy Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Buy Testosterone Propionate in our anabolic Steroidshop

Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals comes in a 10ml multiuse vial.

Each ml of product contains 100mg of testosterone propionate

Buy Testosterone Propionate Magnus online

100mg testosterone propionate

Pharmacological action of testosterone propionate

Testosterone Propionate is an injectable form of testosterone which we have for sale online,
it is a potent anabolic steroid. Testosterone is the anabolic steroid for sale online,
which especially binds to specific receptors in the reproductive muscle tissue.
Nitrogen excretion from tissue breakdown is reduced
when you get testosterone propionate and is increasing protein synthesis to a maximum.
Testosterone is the best and fastest acting anabolic steroid for sale online!
The muscle grow from buying and using the anabolic steroid testosterone,
will be more quality fiber and dryer than any other anabolic steroid you can buy in our steroid-shop online.

Buy Testosterone Propionate Magnus – As what is Testosterone Propionate indicated?

Testosterone Propionate is indicated as for sale online as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilders with desire of explosive muscle growth

Contra-indication – Shop for Testosterone

Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma is not intended for use in children,
so don`t buy testosterone without a prescription from a doctor for this!
The anabolic steroid testosterone is contra indicated in male bodybuilders
with carcinoma of the breast or with known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate.
Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals is also contraindicated in bodybulders
with a history of hypersensitivity to something in it`s composition,
so check all containing substance`s before buying steroids like testosterone online.

Attention – Buy testosterone propionate in our steroids shop!

Middle-aged and elderly male bodybuilders with angina pectoris or other sever circulatory disease
should receive the anabolic steroid testosterone only under careful supervision of a doctor.

Dosage – Get anabolic steroids online and buy testosterone!

The dosage of Testosterone Propionate should be adjusted depending to the response of every individual bodybuilder.
Testosterone propionate for sale for massive muscle gain!
Adult bodybuilder should dose: 50mg up to 100mg per day.

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma – Get Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma online

The anabolic steroid Testosterone Propionate has mainly no side effects at low doses.
Testosterone Propionate the anabolic steroid in our steroids shop can cause pain in the kidneys,
which is not often or mostly never the case and not really worth to mention.
Testosterone Propionate by Magnus Pharmaceuticals has mainly no real androgenic bad properties that may cause undesired effects in male bodybuilder.

Manufacturer of Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma

Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Presentation of Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma

Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharma comes in a 10ml multiuse vial with 100mg testosterone propionate in each ml.

Storage of testosterone propionate

Store in a cool dry and safe place. Protect from light and moisture. Keep away from children and animals.



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