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Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex


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Anti Estrogen Nolvadex


Drug Class:  Secretive Estrogen Receptor Modulator (S.E.R.M).

Primary Use:  Nolvadex’s primary use is for the prevention/treatment of gynecomastia, as well as post-cycle therapy (PCT).  While anti-estrogens are ideal for the prevention of gynecomastia (as they do not reduce IGF-1 levels), Nolvadex is the first line of defense for those who are already experiencing symptoms.  With Nolvadex possessing a stronger binding affinity than estrogen and attaching directly to receptor sites within breast tissue, it is able to immediately stop gyno in its tracks.  After symptoms have been arrested, one can employ an anti-estrogen in order to keep symptoms at bay.  When it comes to PCT, Nolvadex can be employed in the same manner as Clomid, as both are effective for elevating testosterone levels and restoring sperm count & motility.

Anabolic-Androgenic Ratio:  N/A.

Aromatizable:  No.  Exhibits anti-estrogenic activity.

Progestagenic Activity:  No.

Methylated:  No.

Standard Dosing Range and Cycle Length:  Nolvadex is most commonly administered at a dosage of 10-20 mg per day when being used for the prevention/treatment of gynecomastia, for as long as symptoms persist.  When used for PCT, it is most commonly administered at a dosage of 20-40 mg per day for a period of 4-6 weeks.


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